Deborah E. Anderson, PhD, RYT
Licensed Psychologist (PSY16034) & Neuropsychologist
Registered Yoga Teacher (26590)

By appointment only

Offices in Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica




Dr. Anderson is a licensed psychologist in private practice in the Los Angeles area.

Her therapy practice includes individual and couples therapy with mostly an adult population. She draws upon her training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and other modalities such as mind-body techniques (including hypnosis) to treat a variety of general psychiatric and medical disorders. Dr. Anderson works with couples in all stages of a relationship to help them to improve the quality of their relationship.

Dr. Anderson has specialized training in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine and she works with patients in both prevention and treatment of illnesses. Treatment of these disorders is typically multi-faceted and may include components such as educating the patient and family about mind-body connections, teaching adaptive coping skills (e.g., pain management, stress management, acceptance of chronic health issues, etc.), adoption of healthy lifestyle changes, and more traditional psychotherapy.

She also has specialized training in Neuropsychology, which involves the assessment of brain-behavior relationships. She works with children and adults to diagnose conditions such as learning disabilities, ADHD and dementias, or to evaluate cognitive functioning associated with acquired injuries such as head trauma or strokes, or other medical conditions.

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